Sports Performance

Designed for individuals between the elementary and collegiate level whose goals are to enhance their performance and gain a competitive edge within their sport.

With current trends of early sport specialization prevalent in youth athletics, it is important to ensure athletes are competent in a broad spectrum of movements, allowing them to perform their sports activities in the safest manner possible. Strength and conditioning training can provide a stable foundation for a lifetime of movement.

Our Sports Performance program begins with an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and goals to yield a personalized performance regime that fits their age and ability.  We utilize the Functional Movement Screen along with other research-based testing protocols.

Engaging in sports programs helps to improve mental and physical wellness by maintaining health, increasing focus, and building coordination and fine motor skills.  Our programs serve to compliment what the athlete learns on the field with strength training, injury prevention, speed and agility, and appropriate exercise techniques.  This program is particularly useful for the high school aged athlete eager to practice and prepare for the collegiate level by improving skill, strength, and speed.

Our one-hour small group and team training allows for athletes to be paired with others with like-minded goals and functional abilities.  We have pricing packages available for 1, 2, or 3 times per week.

We have an experienced and confident professional staff who can consistently push athletes to the edge of their ability.  Many of our certified staff members are also rehab professionals, readily available if any concerns arise.

Every athlete dreads being stopped by an injury. Knowing one can be pushed just enough, while remaining safe from injury, leaves athletes feeling secure in our care.

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Local Teams Currently Training with PRO Motion-Sports Performance

James Wood Diamond Baseball Club

Winchester United Soccer

Sherando Football

Clarke County Football
Clarke County Volleyball

Winchester Nationals Youth Baseball

Winchester Arsenals Youth Baseball

Millbrook High School Wrestling Team

Winchester Elite Youth Basketball

Blue Ridge Volleyball Association