Patient Testimonials

“I want to take a moment to recognize an amazing character that came into my life at Pro Physical Therapy: Ms. Annetta. Annetta is the owner of Pro Physical Therapy and I was recommended to ONLY see her by a neurologist that knew the seriousness of my issues. 2 years prior I had found myself on disability at age 32 for an issue in my feet that I later found was from my back causing me not to be able to walk. I had had a car accident years earlier and the ripple effects continued long after I finally received care. After 2 years I thought there was no helping me.When I met Annetta it may sound cliché, but it was like a breath of fresh air. I’ve never met anyone quite like this woman. I later learned that she not only has a degree in Physical Therapy (many), but also has a degree in Counseling. And it shows. Annetta’s bright, positive and infectious personality came to me and took over! Annetta not only helped my body to get stronger and more mobile physically, but also addressed the debilitating effects of chronic pain that takes over in THE MIND.I did not realize, but I was living life in a bubble. In my early thirties not able to get in and out of a car properly, using a “picker upper” to pick things up that I dropped..all things that I should never be doing at my age or any age. Annetta taught me that IT CAN HAPPEN. You can get your life back.. And she gave me the hope I needed that eventually brought me to healing.I am now more mobile in every way and have my life back. I am just astounded at the place I am today as opposed to one year ago.I recommend anyone that is having physical pain anywhere in their body to see Annetta. Her vast years of experience coupled with innate empathy makes her to me unlike anyone, any therapist, chiropractor, doctor.. ANYONE I’ve ever had before.Thank you Annetta and Pro Physical Therapy. I’m forever grateful for all you’ve done for me!”

Stacey Pangle

“I have needed physical therapy for different reasons throughout my lifetime, and have been to many different facilities.  What Pro Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation offers is by far the greatest experience I have had.  I have had an amazing physical therapist in the past but what Annetta Haddox has assembled is a positive well-being experience from the moment you walk in the door.  The office staff are warm, welcoming, efficient and helpful.  The therapy staff are friendly, highly trained, certified and continuing to learn new information as it pertains to their field.  The Physical Therapists evaluate each patient as an “individual” with a condition, rather than by a condition alone.  That makes your program and care tailored specifically to you.  I am regularly evaluated and my program is adjusted accordingly, if necessary.  My Doctor is given regular and thorough reports.  The Physical Therapy Assistants are certified, very knowledgeable and well trained.  I have had excellent and cutting-edge care.  The entire staff maintains such a balance of compassion, respect and camaraderie with the patients and each other.  The staff works together with such a constant, positive attitude, it is inspiring.  It reminds me greatly of an orchestra.  Annetta has selected the best of the best for their specific position, and when they work together, they create a beautiful symphony.  That is why I highly recommend Pro Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation to anyone looking for excellent care!  Thank you, Annetta for your hard work in creating such a positive environment where your staff are encouraged to use their “gifts” toward the wellness of others!”

Jeanne Ware

“Just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ to you all for making my rehab from total knee replacement a pleasant experience. Everyone on the floor works together to make for a cheerful, friendly, and efficient atmosphere…It takes a wonderful staff to make PRO Therapy the great rehab place it is! You are very much appreciated.”


“I was a prime candidate for a hip replacement when I started with PRO about three years ago. They designed a program to improve my hip mechanics. The addition of Trigger Point Dry Needling last year dramatically improved my hip function and improved associated low back pain. PRO designed maintenance exercises that I can do at home, as well. As a result I am able to complete at least thirty mintues a day of aerobic walking with no adverse effects. Now I am not even considering a hip replacement.”


“My quality of life is much improved after dry needle treatment. I am so grateful to have this option, so close to home.”


“[PRO’s mission statement] expresses my feelings about them. They are a ‘Clinical team committed to excellence in providing patient centered, compassionately delivered, research driven rehabilitation and preventive care.’”


“It’s hard to believe my journey began in Feburary 2011 with neck stiffness, headaches which progressed to bilateral lower extremity numbness…I cannot say enough about the care you give everyday. Annetta you have worked so hard form the first time I had therapy with you until now to have such an amazing staff…The knowledge and encouragement you gave to me instilled a drive/motivation that I had lost due to chronic pain. But now I am confident I can reach my goal. I can honestly say since my injury in 1994 this is the best I have ever felt…Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough!!”


“Annetta and the staff here are professional, friendly, and focused on accomplishing the goal of returning the patient to good mobility. Top notch!”


“I would not have healed from hip surgery and back issues without the professional and caring therapists in this facility. Highly recommended.”